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this is example as local guide at Monument National or Monas



Ladies and gentlemen,
I wish you good morning and welcome to this beautiful tourist attraction, Monument national.
First of all, let me introduce my self, my name is NENGKIKI NURMALA but you can call me just KIKI for short. I’m very pleased to be your local guide for today, and I hope you will enjoy in this beautiful morning.
Well ladies and gentlemen,
Today, I would like to share with you about the Historical of Monument National.
As well all already now that Monument National or people calling “MONAS” is very important because Monas as a landmark of Jakarta.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Monas was built on August 17th 1961. The idea was given by Ir. Soekarno. He is the first president in Indonesia. And then the architect is Ir. Sudarsono and was helped by Prof. Dr. Ir. Ruseno.
Monas development spend is 7 billion rupiah and Monas officially opened for public on July 12th 1975 by Mr. Ali Sadikin. He is the 6th Governor of Jakarta.
Monas have the flame of independence its symbolize spirit of Indonesian people. Its made from bronze and covered by gold its around 50kg. The standing pillar of Monas is 132m and symbolizing a rice pestle, and then the other part is the cup symbolizing a rice barn. Rice pestle and barn are traditional tools to pound rice, figuring out Indonesia as an agricultural country. They’re also regarded as the symbol of Indonesian people’s fertility, and as the symbol of male and female.
Jakarta people usually utilize Monas area as a place for sport activities, in the morning and afternoon time. Most people visit Monas on weekend and holidays.

Monas have 4 objects that we can visited :
1. the first is National History Museum, National History Museum located at the baseman of Monas.
At the four sides of the museum there are display windows that shows the life and phenomenon that Indonesian people has gone through since Indonesian ancient time.
2. Independence room, This room is located at the cup side of Monas and has an amphitheater shape, this place has 4 attributes, three of them are made by bronze and covered by gold.
In this room were kept the map of Indonesia, the red and white flag of Indonesia, the symbol of Indonesia, which is Garuda, and the replica of Indonesian independence proclaim script at the gateway. You could request the officer there to open the gateway so you could see the script replica while listening to the recorded voice of President Soekarno when he was reading the script.
3. Goblet Yard, in this place is 45x45 m in size and 17 m in high (that size is symbolize of Indonesian freedom)
4. The obelisk top yard, this place 11x11 in size. The obelisk top yard at an attitude of 115 m, with capacity of 50 persons. From the top yard you could enjoy the view of Jakarta City and the wind blowing and caressing your face. In a clear weather you could enjoy the view of Salak Mountain at the south side, the ocean at the north side, and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at the west side. While you're in Monas area it's recommended to get into the top yard and enjoy the views from the top.
Ladies and gentlemen,
For the other tourist attraction around monas is like Fountain Attraction, This fountain is like the dancing and accompanied by several songs like Jali-Jali, Lenggak-Lenggok Jakarta, Kopi Dangdut, Lambadia, Winter game, dand Rocketer. Fountain attraction conducted at Monas Park on every Saturday and Sunday, started from 07:00pm to 08:00pm. Duration of the attraction take about 35 minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have to said that “Why Monas was built in Jakarta :
1. Jakarta is Proclamation city
2. Jakarta is capital of city
3. Jakarta was around by government building

Ok ladies and gentlemen, that’s all my information. Thank your for your attention and your corporation. Have a nice day and bye..

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